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"design is the silent ambassador of your brand."




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I've been a designer since I was in high school (where I discovered what Graphic Design even was working for my high school newspaper). I immediately went straight into college for Graphic Design where my instructor was extremely old school and wouldn't let ANY of us even touch a computer for the first year. We learned the old school ways of design, paste-up and rulers, hand drawing typography and illustrating. His theory was if you still loved design after that first year, you were in the right major.

Our classes started with 30-40 students. Always over filled and through out the year it would slowly dwindle down as students couldn't handle the amount of work and dedication plus realized it wasn't always as "glamorous" as it seemed. My second year of school my class had shrunk down to 12. By graduation it was 7. This is where I learned all of my early technical skills.

I continued my education and went to a private art college and learned more of the theory and creative art side of being a designer. It was a lot more about meaning, feelings, emotions. It truly opened my eyes and made me truly discover my place as a designer.

During my college years I was able to get a graphic design role as an intern for a year (that turned into a contract job) in Orlando, FL working for The Walt Disney Company in their Communications Department at Walt Disney World. To this was one of the best career experiences I ever had.


After I graduated, the economy crashed. I became a "starving designer". Nobody was hiring. I couldn't get a job. I worked in retail, coffee shops as a barista (I can make a mean espresso with the perfect amount of crema!), I became a maker, a DIY'er and learned all types of skill sets. Opened my first Etsy shop, and would take on freelance from time to time.

I found a job at a software company. I became their receptionist. My heart felt like being a graphic designer was never going to happen. While I was there, since they knew I did design, I was asked from time to time to make graphics for mobile apps, sofware applications and work on the company's branding and even redid their logo and website. They never had a "design job" for me. So I stayed patient. At least I was getting to do design, and I had income coming in.

1 year into that job - we were bought by eBay as a talent acquisition. The owner of the software company had gotten to know me, and asked that eBay put me in a design role. This is when I stepped into the world of Mobile Application Design as a UI/UX designer.

I worked for eBay as a lead designer on multiple major app projects and website projects, including the major rebrand of ebay back in 2013. (fun fact...if you go to and see the little shopping bag favicon that is to the left of the web address...that was me). I also completely designed and created an entire section on the ebay site as the senior designer.

After working at eBay for several years finding a love in the tech industry and dealing with online entrepreneurs every day I decided I was ready for a new job. I was asked to join a team at Nike as their Senior Lead designer where they actually fired an entire design agency and hired me. I was able to take what took the agency over a year to work on and initiate and I rebuilt it and completed it in 6 months! User Experience was definitely a natural thing for me, and I love it.
On the side I wanted to have more creative-off-the-computer projects to work on and I found myself working in the wedding industry as a stationer, handletterer, and laser cutter (cake toppers were my jam!). My work was featured in Italian Vogue magazine and in local and national bridal magazines. I love pretty things and parties!


About a year ago I left my full-time job at Nike to be a stay-at-home mom and to try this whole "online entrepreneur thing". I wanted to have my own schedule, spend my 40 hours a week not in traffic and working on a multi-million dollar corporation's projects, but my own. So, I have been spending the last several months trying to figure out where I belong in this online space.

Today I work with amazing entrepreneurs and help them create meaningful brands that represent them and their unique business and style. I focus on bringing my knowledge of user experience design, graphic design and my love of beautiful things like illustration, handlettering and styling and bring them all together to provide my clients thoughtful website designs that guide their clients throughout their website, keeping them engaged and turning them from leads into clients.

My passion is not just beautiful design, but making sure my clients look as professional as they are visually through their first major touch point with a potential client. Their brand and website.

I'm the designer & owner behind Nimbi Creative and the founder of Together - A Bosslady Community! I'm a mom of 2 little girls under 4, a wife and a dog mama to my Boston Terrier "Mac" (named after the computer and my favorite makeup brand) and our American Bulldog "Bronson".

“mom, wife & designer”


brand & UX Designer

the story behind my brand + mark

nimbi creative

what it means to tell a story

This is my own brand. I wanted to share my own branding as an example showing that I even tell a story in my own brand and what that actually means. My mark has so much meaning behind it, which you can see highlighted in my diagram. It's so much more than just an "N".

Nimbi is plural for a 'Nimbus Cloud". Being from the Pacific Northwest rain and overcast days are the norm. But on top of that the process of precipitation has always reminded me of the process of creativity. Finding inspiration from waves in trends (the ocean) and taking that idea and forming a new one (nimbus cloud) and then pouring my ideas out on paper (rain).

The colors all came from my love of blues and the rainy grey skies I'm used to here. A random unintential addition that I saw later after making this mark, was that if you turn it upside down the cloud becomes a "W", which then gives me "N-W" (Northwest)

To me your brand and logo's should have a story and be thoughtful in it's presentation. More than just text and an graphic.

At the end of 2016 I started a conference, called Together: A Bosslady Experience. Through that I discovered a love and passion for community with bossladies and women who love to share their knowledge and love for being an entrepreneur. Launched officially on April 3, 2017!



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