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February 28, 2018

Goodbye Vero! Why You Should Avoid the “New” Social Platform

I’m sure at this point you’ve probably heard of the “New” Social App – VERO. Claiming to be the “NEXT” and “BETTER” Instagram. This app was going through one of it’s recent “waves” on Facebook, you know, where everyone signs up to not be the last one who hasn’t signed up for the lastest in a social trend (because, you know, #FOMO and not being “on trend” is America’s #1 social fear). I immediately saw this trend that keeps happening, and instantly it made me feel uncomfortable, so I waited and followed my gut.

Today, it seems “SO important” for people to feel like they are apart of the latest and best in social media, trends and more, that, without even questioning, researching or waiting to see what happens in these trends, what they are about, or MOST importnatly who is even behind them, we immediately sign up, give our information, “Connect with Facebook”, and tell all our friends to do it too. “Hello!” social media and influencers at it’s best.

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The problem here is you, like me and everyone else are repeatedly falling into what has now become a social norm. It’s also the a very common cycle and trend of “new” social apps these days: Anchor, Vine, MySpace 2.0 (and they had J.T.!). Quite frankly if you think, at this point, anything is going to top Facebook or Instgram…you’re living under a rock.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m NOT saying that at some point there won’t be an even better thing out there. But, I also believe that with the kind of money Mr. Zuckerberg has behind him, he’ll likely be able to be at the top of technology trends and will likely immediately swallow up any small guy who tries to come in with something new by either aquiring them, or taking their idea and improving upon it.

Unless of course maybe someone like Elon Musk comes out with something incredible utilizing some type of incredible AR/VR experience or time travel that we haven’t even invented yet…I don’t think we’ll see a huge change in where we are going to find our followers and influence.

So – if you haven’t heard, there are a few issues that are reasons why you shouldn’t sign up for Vero. And here is why:

1. It’s literally already dying.
As I mentioned above – new social apps go through waves and cycles. It can take a year or more for a new social app to be “known” or popular. They all go through waves where people hear about it from someone who just dicovered it, and if that person has any significant social influence thier following will bring a huge influx of noobs to this platform with them. It will be new and exciting for a week maybe more and then slowly everyone begins to forget – finding it hard to keep up with yet another social platform. Then like clockwork they wind up going back to where they and all of their current following and time already is…(insert Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat). This is the “wave”.

2. It’s incredibly buggy.
Not too surprising with these waves I mentioned above. You get an app who is smaller than the giants out there and they may not have the budget or team to keep up with these giant influxes of new users. Which ultimately leads to their product being incredibly slow and full of unfixed bugs. This also makes their new users frustrated and they end up leaving because it’s frustrating before they even really use or get to potentially enjoy an app. We as a culture are so used to instant gratifiation that if something is repeatedly buggy we get pissed and move on instantly. We don’t have time for buggy apps – especially in social media.

3. The person behind Vero is apparently NOT a good person.
Back to who we are giving our information to. Before you instantly signup for ANY product because of #FOMO, you should do your due diligence and research who is behind the app. What are they about? What do they do/don’t do socially? Make sure you want this company to even have your private information before just instantly signing up and giving it to them. Unfortunately, the team behind this app is headed by someone who is notorious for violating Labor Rights according to some articles including this one which you can find on the recent Gizmodo post made today.

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4. DONT jump off the bridge just because EVERYONE else seems to be.
I think the biggest thing that bothers me in all of this, is the amount of times a new “thing” comes out as a trend and how quickly we all feel that we have to jump on board. Think about it. You aren’t going to die if you miss a trend, don’t jump on board instantly when something new comes out. Give it time. Be in control of yourself and what you are apart of. Take the time to do a little research to see that whatever the trend is – whether its a new social app, subscription box, new makeup trend, or brand, fits who you are and your values. You should always question things. We so quickly assume that a company is legit and think ‘why would anyone ever do something that would wrong their consumers?’  Well – it happens all the damn time.


Brands and companies switch owners, can be aquired and also can just choose to do shaddy things behind the curtain. Really, everyone is out to make a buck. Companies want to find more users, create the latest trends, have the biggest influencers, and they want to make more money. Some companies will do almost anything to do it. So pay attention. Don’t assume everything is safe or worth your very VERY precious time and information. We all have so much we need to do on a daily basis, and not everything is worth our time.

Though it’s exciting to see something new and feel like there is a huge leap of excitement and urgency to join something or be apart of something you should ask yourself these questions:

1. Is it inline with what I do or believe?
2. Who is behind this trend? Where did it come from?
3. Is it worth taking away more of my time?
4. Can it wait to be apart of or to jump on the train?
5. Why do I want it?

If the answers to these questions aren’t absolute YES’ or ‘this is amazing and perfect for me’…then just wait. It will likely die down, you’ll have been the smart one who saved your money (if it’s not free) and/or your time and you won’t have missed anything except taking time away from doing more important and relative things. You know, like taking your kids to the park, or getting dressed for the day.

What are your thoughts?
Did you jump on the bandwagon? What did you think about the app? Did you use it? Love it or hate it?
Comment below!

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