September 18, 2017

How to Design a Logo with No Budget for a Designer

What? Why am I writing this? I mean, I’m a designer, and can have you hire me to create an awesome (and I mean pretty dang awesome logo), so why would I tell you how to design one with out hiring me? Because we all have seasons in our businesses where hiring for things we love and need just isn’t feasable until we have some income coming in.

I get that, and I want to help you in a season where you want to have a great brand that will help represent your brand and business in the way you want it to, with little to no cost to you. So that when you do have the funds to afford someone like myself you’ll be able to improve what you started and take it to a full and more refined place.

Before you begin reading the rest of this post, I recommend checking out one of my videos Discover Your Brand Before Hiring a Designer  this is because before you know what your logo will look like you’ll need to get a better understanding of your brand as a whole. Knowing this will allow you to define your logo and come up with something that can last you for a little while.

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You’ll want to decide if you’ll have just text for your logo or if you’ll want text WITH a graphic or mark. The obvious easiest thing to do is find a font and wait on a mark. But if you really have a visual element you want to have you can easily find something you can use to represent you.

Some great free options to find fonts that will work for you and match your brand are: – Has nice and even playful fonts for variety. – Has really nice fonts that are gorgeous and the site is a little more professional.

**Be sure to try your fonts in ALL CAPS, lower case and Title Case. This will help you see how the fonts work best for your business name.



Choose your colors. A great online tool to use is, you can even upload an image and pull out colors, or just hit the space bar to have new combinations to pop up. Another option is going into Pinterest and starting a brand board with just colors that appeal to you and your vision for your brand. Pull out 5 of your favorite images and then pull out 5-7 colors from those images that will work in your brand. Ideally your logo should work in black and white. So be sure to think abou that when you’re designing.



Open up a program, ideally Adobe Illustrator, and start playing with your business name. Size, text style, and the format of the name. Do you have a tag line below? Be sure to play with that. Play with 1-2 fonts if you like, but try to keep it no more than 2 fonts. A nice combination is a Serif or Sans Serif Font together or a Sans Serif font and Script font. Some fonts have italic options too.

Also be sure to think about the space between your letters and the space between words. You may want it to be more spread out or closer together. In Adobe Illustrator you can adjust this by highlighting the word(s) you want to change, and then hitting Option + Right/Left Arrow keys to expand or contract the spacing between letters. If you stack words you can do Option + Up/Down Arrow keys to adjust the spacing between words that are stacked. It’s a fun way to play around with options.



To find a mark to match your text you have a few options. You can find free mark options on programs like Behance or Canva. But I really recommend Creative Market. You can find a ton of pre-made logo options and in bundles. Be sure to check the software the files require to open but typically Illustrator is one. You’ll download the files and be able to add your own chosen fonts, colors into the premade designs. There are a ton of pricing options and you can usually find something to give you a logo that is more than just text and has a little more interest to give you a more professional feeling.



To save your logo and be able to use it, you’ll need to select everything in your logo, and open a new document in Adobe Illustrator. Paste the logo into the new document and adjust it to fit as centered as possible in your document size. You will save the file as “”. Then go to File >> Export >> Save for Web (Legacy). This will open up a window that looks like this:

(be sure to make the graphic a PNG file and select the “transparency” check box so that all that is saved is the graphic itself which you can overlap onto images like a watermark!)

In this window you can adjust the size of your graphic and save it. So if you want multiple size options you can keep repeating the step and change the size. Note that it will automatically change the width if you adjust the height. If you need the graphic to be a square or fit within a specific size that it won’t allow you to adjust, then open a new Illustrator file and when promted adjust the size to be the needed size.

(note to the right under “untitled” there is the Width and Height boxes and you can adjust the size to be pixel, inches, etc. Then hit create to open that file. Repeat the save for web option and you’re all set.


Thats the most basic of basic tools to help you create a logo with out a designer. I hope you found this helpful. Feel free to comment below or join my FB group to get more questions answered!



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