September 2, 2017

Creative at Heart Conference Round 7 – Raleigh, NC

I recently got to enjoy a few days in Raleigh, North Carolina where I got to spend time with some of my favorite creative entrepreneurs. Kat Schmoyer hosts this amazing event typically a couple times a year and this year Raleigh was the only one. Which obviously made alumns and new attendees jump at tickets the moment they went on sale!

Creative at Heart is a fun event where you get to hear amazing speakers, have hands on experiences and network with people you’ve seen online and admired probably from afar. You get headshots and the opportunity to discover  your business from new angles. You leave feeling super charged and focused and ready to make amazing improvements to the way you work, and what’s better…you now know people who will likely be able to help you get there, if you need the help.

Currently I am in the Alumni Mastermind program where I get to spend the next several weeks with mentors and alumni who were with me in Raleigh (randomly all but one was a roommate of mine too!) and take what we’ve heard and apply it to our goals and have help along the way.

I did a YouTube Vlog of my trip in a little fun video (below):



Below are some pictures from the 3 days conference, and they were taken by Holly Felts Photography.

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