March 9, 2017

Did That Really Just Happen?

As you may have been following, I have just wrapped up my first ever conference for female entrepreneurs. I basically dedicated the last 4 months into deciding I wanted to attend an event that felt like it was for me, the Pacific Northwest-Coffee Drinking-Designer who loves gastro pubs, delish meals, and has a decent amount of tattoos or colored hair. Me. An urban girl, who is a mom of 2 littles, married, worked a full-time job and is now trying to do it all on her own.

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So instead of waiting for someone else to create it. I did. The first event was great, but I have to admit it wasn’t exactly what I had originally envisioned. And that’s ok.

I mean, let’s be real here. I’m not an event planner. I’m a graphic designer.

I wanted to do something I have no real expereince in (minus my own wedding). So, I contacted people who I thought would dig the idea and asked them to help me figure it out.

In about 4 months, I was able to get 15 speakers together, sponsors, photographers and a videographer and about 50 attendees in total (including speakers). I’d say that was a success for not knowing what the heck I was doing.

What I didn’t expect, was what would come out of doing this event. I had no idea the relationships that I would build, the new found freindships, support, and courage I would gain from putting myself out there like this.

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It made me realize we all tend to doubt ourselves. And the only real way to get out of that doubt and your comfort zone is to force yourself into a dream that is scary. Like my friend Kat Schmoyer said in a recent Instagram Story…

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“You’ll never be 100% ready. So just do it!”

– Kat Schmoyer


I reached out to Kat to ask advice, since she has had a ton of success in The Creative at Heart Conference. She was so open and helpful. She was real and prepared me for what to expect the first time around with a conference. So when those things happend I was ready and expected them. Things definitely came up that I wasn’t financially ready for, but for me this was a passion project so I had to do it, and I was going to do what it took to make it happen.

All along the way I had Kat checking in on me, asking how it was going.

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I have to say that after about an hour into the first day of the Together Experience, I felt so proud of myself and confident. The nerves, stress and fears I had the entire time preparing for it were gone, because all of a sudden I was looking at all these faces in person. The speakers I had admired and women I had wanted to have a better connection with were all of a sudden sitting in the same room with me and supporting me.

All I can really say, is that by doing this event. Following my heart. Making a goal and doing it without even knowing where to begin or what to do. Made me feel like I can do anything I put my energy into. You learn along the way and you’ll figure it out.

More importantly the people you will discover along your journey are going to be the people who will support you and see the hard work and dedication you put into something you have a passion for.

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The days after I’ve heard so many things from “When is the next one?” “I’m so sad I missed this!” and “This was so much fun!” has got me now with a team of women and plans for a year of amazing things and planning (with way more than 4 months) for the next conference in 2018!

I’m so grateful for the women who supported me on this journey and can’t wait to show all that is going to happen in the months to come!





p.s. To check out more photos keep your eyes peeled for them to appear on the Together Experience Blog & Website! 🙂



together experience, events, portland, nines hotel, conference, female, entrepreneur

Skylor Purnick of Smirk Photobooth in Portland and myself being “hardcore”. 😉

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