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March 21, 2017

5 Ways to Improve You Brand Experience

A common idea tends to get missed a lot within branding for small businesses. What it means to have a brand is more than a pretty logo. There is so much behind a brand and the experience that is meant to be created with one.


For example…


If you look at really successful large brands, like Disney. Their logo has a story & history. Their brand and brand details represent their values as a company. The experience you feel when you are apart of anything related to the Disney company is one that is: familiar, expected, reliable and unique. This is their brand experience.


I am going to share with you 5 tips that will help you discover and develop your brand experience.


The 5 things to improve & think about are:

  1. Logo
  2. Communication
  3. Website
  4. Workflow
  5. Tangibles


Ok, now what do they mean, and how do we work on the experience? Let’s dive in.

1. Logo – Develop a logo that is timeless, has a story, represents you & your business.

Make sure that when you look at your logo, there is a story behind it. More than “It’s my favorite color and I thought the graphic was pretty.” These logos are fine for quick, short term non-impactful brands.

1. Tell your story with your brand & colors.
2. Choose fonts that represent your brand feel.
3. Alternative marks, variations that retain the same story & feel.

Communication – Your e-mails and messaging should all have the same voice.
It would be really good to potentially work with a copywriter here. Find your brand voice and create template e-mails that reflect this message. Be consistent and use the same voice in all your communication. Including your blogs, your newsletters, printed materials, website details, etc. This creates a familiarity in your brand and consistency that builds trust.

Website – The User Experience of your site should follow what your clients want to know & see first.
By thinking about YOUR ideal client visiting your website and thinking about what they would want to know and see first will help you discover your flow. It helps to map this out on paper first. But knowing what information is useful, and how to visually present that information so the clients discover it and learn what they need with ease also creates reliability, thoughtfulness and a flawless user experience, which in turn helps you with having to answer less questions or emails.

Workflow – Create a workflow in your business so you always know what happens next and keep your clients happy.The idea here is to not only stay organized yourself. But to create a workflow that allows some of the work to be taken off your plate with each project and client. There are always certain steps you take with each client from a new lead to finalizing with them. So create an workflow that gets you what you need, but also informs them along the way. Creating e-mail notifications and an automated system that gives your clients a feeling of comfort, organization, and professionalism.

Tangibles – Everything from printed materials, client meeting spaces, smells, tastes, etc.This is where your brand continues to be brought through. Where you can utilize your logo, colors, fonts and more to create an even more in-depth experience. When your client signs on with you, do you give them a hand written card? A thank you gift? Welcome package? These should all feel like they jumped right off of your brand mood board. These continue your brand experience and creates a unique and special relationship with your clients because all of these pieces will uniquely fit your brand and your brand story.

This is obviously a VERY high-level post. But I wanted to share some food for thought. Think about these 5 things and how you can develop your brand in a way that will show your clients you’ve thought about all these details. You’ve put them and their experience first. How will you do this and show them how you are unique from others?


The best part about doing this…your clients will refer you, and come back for more. You will have left a mark on them that lets them know that when they see you they will know what to expect and you’ll have created an experience that they’ve come to expect and enjoy.


Go create those amazing experiences!






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