November 2, 2016

5 Reasons You Should Start a Blog

Blogging is one of those things that some people either are totally into, or just shudder at the idea.

I am somewhere inbetween.

There are the fears of not having anything to write about, not knowing what or how to say something, and then there are the images. It always seems like so much work, it becomes overwhelming. I am definitely not a writer by any means. But there is something about writing a blog that feels similar to writing in a journal or talking to a friend. There is comfort in that, somehow.

So, let me explain to you why I think YOU should start a blog, and then I’ll share simple steps on just HOW to create your very own blog that is ready for success! Are you ready to start? Ok…let’s go.

1. Connect with your audience.
Having a blog allows you to create an emotional connection with your followers. They get to learn more about you and your work, and it’s like a personal window into your life.

2. Share your process.
Blogging allows you to share your process, whether its a step-by-step recipe, or how you prepare for a photoshoot. You can document and share your process, and it makes your followers feel like they are getting the tips and tricks from a person they enjoy.

3. SEO…need I say more?
SEO = Search Engine Optimization. Your website will work its way to the top of the charts just by having a site that has constantly fresh content. By writing a blog even once a month, helps keep your blog fresh and in the game for search engines!

4. Photos, photos…photos!
You don’t have to write an essay every time you blog. You only need a minimum of 300 words for a successful blog post. This is where having pictures or video linked in a post is so beneficial. It has visual appeal, just enough text for decent keywords and it’s super quick to create.

5. Last but not least…Building Trust.
By having a blog, writing about things from your day-to-day, business struggles AND how you learned from them, tools, tips, downloadables, freebies, videos, photos and more, you are engaging in a way with your clients that allows them to feel a connection that builds trust. Over time if they need a service you provide and they have been enjoying following you, you will likely be the first business they think of when they need something done.

“Ok Devan, that sounds great and all…but I have NO idea how to start a blog.”

Well here are some basics tips to get you started based on what I’ve personally done in the past and recommend.

1. Decide your blog name/domain name.

2. Choose your blog platform: is my preferred option
Showit 5 allows you to create a custom wordpress site and gives you LIVE support

3. Choose a downloadable template online (for non-designers):
• Creative Market – wordpress themes for purchase
Pretty Darn Cute Design – designer blog themes by Lindsey Riel
Bluchic – Themes for Purchase and some for FREE!
63+ Feminine WordPress Themes – just in case you can’t find anything above that suits you.

4. If you are using, you will need a hosting site & domain. You can purchase both from, which is who I recommend using for your blog.

5. Once you’ve chosen your blog theme, watch this video on how to set up your blog through bluehost and get a free domain!

6. Your theme should have how to modify instructions within the folder you download. But if you want help, some of the companies are really good about helping you, because it reflects on them if you are having problems getting their theme to work. So they want you to use their theme and for it to be successful. So don’t hesitate to email them or see if they have any instructions, youtube videos or more to help you along. MOST usually have step-by-step instructions.

7. Before you LAUNCH your blog, or “GO LIVE”, you will want to be sure you have a MINIMUM of 5 blog posts on your blog. The reason is if you just post one blog post and then don’t do another one for say a month or so, you’re not likely to get subscribers or followers to stick around, if there is only one thing to read. It doesnt feel established and it’s boring. There is nothing to keep your viewers engaged. So add at least 5 before you go live, so they have a few posts to go through if they are into your content.

That is the BASICS.

You can honestly put up a high quality ready for Google Ads blog in one day. (Of course Google doesnt allow you to have ads on your blog until you are a proven blog with followers worthy of ad space).

DONT FORGET! Once your blog is launched head over to Bloglovin’ to register your blog and connect with other bloggers and potential followers. It only works well if you are active in that platform as well, but it’s always helpful to have your blog listed so people can find you!

Hope you found this helpful. Let me know if you have any questions or want to know anything else!


Devan Nichole

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