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September 24, 2016

JUST LAUNCHED! Holly Anna Calligraphy

The last 3 weeks I worked with one of my contest winners, Holly Stavness, on her brand and new website. She was such a sweetheart and so fun to work with. We worked on her brand, logo and business cards and website. The look of her brand is modern, sofisticated and feminine, but also warm and inviting. Holly loves to teach her calligraphy skills through workshops at her home as well as help you host parties, and I wanted to help reflect that hospitality in her brand. Holly is incredibly talented, and I was so happy to work with her.



Holly and I started off with creating a moodboard for her brand. She gave me a few colors she was really drawn to for her brand and a pinterest board she had already started of some logos she was really into. I did some research on other calligraphers, logo designs and fonts and found the images below to create her offical “moodboard”. After, I began to sketch out some ideas and then digitally finalize some options for Holly to look over. She chose the design she has today. I made some minor refinements and then combined the circle logo mock I created, which she liked too, and found away to match the fonts of her brand and other logo, so she could use both for different things, like seals and watermarks for her images, etc.

I finalized her style-guide, designed business cards for her, and created her website using Her wesbite is clean and visually shows her brand and helps future clients know what she offers.

You can learn more about Holly and see her live website that I designed here:






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