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September 17, 2016

6 Free Resources to Help Your Small Business

Have you wondered about the ‘quick success tools’ and ‘small business programs’ out there? They keep popping up on my social media feed as sponsored ads. The programs sell you in a way that make you think “Oh! I need that!” or “This will change my LIFE and business!” Sometimes, I find myself purchasing these programs or tools. Many even have free options to get you started, which is actually very smart. It allows you to test it out before committing. Some of these are great resources and worth the investment, some sell that they are THE BEST solution, that it’s what you need to get your business to be succesfful. When really they aren’t necessary. Unfortunately, some seem so great that you instantly buy in and spend money that you probably didn’t need to. How do you tell the difference between good and bad programs? How do you choose?

Well, lets put this out there and be completely honest…you are not going to become successful overnight. You may not even see REAL success in 6 months, or a year or even longer. Pay attention to a few things that will help you weed out the bad seeds out there, and focus on the good ones. This will help you save your money and keep you focused. It can be hard though. You see others out there doing what you want to be doing and it feels like you will never make it. That they have it all figured out, and you are so behind. But DONT compare. Don’t buy into get rich quick programs. Be patient and keep reading this blog.

What you are really seeing is so many hours, a ton of dedication and focus in their own business and brand to get their business where it is. Many people have been working on their businesses for years, failing and succeeding while finding their way and rhythm. It’s only now that you know who they are because of all that trial and error and pushing themselves to be successful. I know I struggle with this every day. Wanting to be perfect right away, wanting that success and worried about looking stupid, or doing it wrong. But sometimes you got to just get started and do it. Learn along the way. Don’t be afraid to try, and ask others questions.

So, what can you do before spending money on programs out there on your business? Well, there is a ton of useful tools to save yourself time and money, by not making the same mistakes as others did when they first started.  Many of these resources don’t cost you anything, and are forever helpful tools to help you everyday. Below I’m going to suggest my favorite 6 FREE ways to get some help on your business and start focusing on success without spending money on “qet rich quick scams”.

Many of these have facebook groups you can be apart of for quick connections to other businesses like you:

  1. Join The Rising Tide Society. This is a free group with meetups in almost every major city in the US. They are a group of all kinds of small businesses that help each other out, and meet up to network and discuss ways to help your business. You get to connect and meet some amazing people and have a free event to be apart of every month.
  2. BELONG magazine. This is a new magazine with only 4 issues (almost 5) out. They are a beautifully and inspring magazine published by creative women who have businesses and success. The articles are informative and beautifully written as well as stunning to look at which creates so much inspiration.
  3. Savvy Business Owners by Heather Crabtree. Heather is an amazing woman, who I have the pleasure of knowing personally. She is very inspirational, and very involved in her facebook group. The women apart of her team and the small businesses apart of her “Savvies” are amazing and inspirational and beyond helpful! Heather also has some paid for opportunities, and she is definitely one I would recommend in investing money into for your business, when you are ready.
  4. Blog + Biz BFFs Community. This is a community specifically for blogging businesses. There is always tons of advice and suggestions and lots of community involvement with answering questions and helping you succeed in a total community over competition group.
  5. Marie TV by Marie Forleo. Can I really say enough about Marie? No. She has amazing YouTube videos that seriously inspire, are fun to watch, and are about every aspect of a small business. She interviews people and asnwers questions. Start watching one, I promise you won’t stop! She’s amazing.
  6. Businesses in Bloom by Nimbi Creative. This is MY NEW group on facebook. Here we specifically discuss tips and ideas on branding, websites, marketing, social media, etc. It’s a group of all types of creative entrepreneurs looking to connect with people and get advice, tips and tools to use to help make their business successful too. I’d love you to join!

Hopefully these 6 resources will help you get started in finding a tribe and network to help you with your business without having to spend even a dime when you are first starting out. There are always great resources that are worth paying for, and I will definitely post about more of the ones I suggest investing money into in a future blog post.

Keep on moving one day at a time, don’t give up, and keep finding inspiration in your daily life.


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  1. Constance

    October 3rd, 2016 at 4:18 PM

    LOVE this. following it ALL the way. Thanks for posting something DIFFERENT. LOVE IT.

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